Obama’s index finger

That the longest finger of the United States is the index, it is certainly not new. God “made in the U.S.” accuses, denies, attacks, cries, bears responsibility and directs. Or at least wants to. 

Yes, because if  billions of words have been used to describe U.S. foreign policy in recent years, today it seems that American leadership is becoming crazy. In disarray? Who knows. File encryption, cyberwar, half voices of undercover agents in Syria and Iran to permanently destabilize the already very high risk situations,  the stars and stripes strategy seems illogical.

During recent days, the Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has “cordially invited” the prurient ally Pakistan to act against the bases of the Haqqani network in the border regions with Afghanistan. From Kabul, Panetta added that Washington is “losing patience”. Wow!

Founded by Jalaluddin Haqqani, the terrorist organization (and this imposes a reflection), is considered very close to the Taliban, and is responsible for more violent attacks in recent months in Afghanistan. In recent years, Jalaluddin Haqqani has ceded more and more power to his son Sirajuddin, who tooks over leadership of combat operations of the rebels.

From Istanbul speaks Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: “The threat has expanded and spread geographically,” she said  opening the proceedings of the International Conference against Terrorism. At the meeting was present for Italy Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi, and it involved delegates from some 30 countries. But Uncle Tom resembles more and more like an old Grandpa Tom, grumpy, unhelpful, a neighbourgh, a little old ‘fart who prefers to wield a shotgun to shoot at children playing in the street, without looking at thecolonial house of wood which is so proud, rotten by its foundations.

It is not clear what it should do Pakistan, whose powerful intelligence agency [ISI – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inter-Services_Intelligence] has considered itself the accomplice of the Haqqani network in Pakistan, for example. The U.S. strategy to exit from the quagmire it is less clear, more and more confusing and chaotic. The Obama administration also continues in its kill listor summary execution of all those who are “considered terrorists.” But who decides? What are the criteria to be killed all around the World by a missile from a U.S. drone? Who will answer?

The ISI logo

Yemen, Somalia or Waziristan (between Afghanistan and Pakistan) are the preferred destinations of the unmanned war planes. They obey, aim, throw, kill. Everywhere. It’s a pity for International Law, even derided by Americans, not just because of Realpolitik or the War on Terror, but for the classical idea of the world’s policeman. But the World changes, and the U.S. strategy continues to get worse day by day.

Obviously does not end here: the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reports that the Russian security agency Kaspersky Lab has announced that it has detected a virus, Flame, in computer-networks in Sudan, Syria and Ira. Flame shot undisturbed for years, collecting and sending information, acting on webcam and bluetooth, even though not so bad as Stuxnet, the first real computer virus used for cyberwar. The responsibility for the attack is attributed to Israel, only able to reach certain technologies in the region, and able to infiltrate undercover agents. The killing of several Iranian nuclear technicians in recent years is still attributed to the administration of Netanyahu, who is buying (just not to miss anything) military submarines from Germany, as reported by the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel, specially designed to mount nuclear weapons small in size. But who pays? An old Grandfather, who believes he is at war against all odds.


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