What’s on the stage?

What was only a rumor that some observers have given no importance, is now a hypothesis, and judged as credible by several opponents. For them, the attack of 18 July in Damascus who beheaded a part of the Syrian security apparatus is more like a scene of power than an operation of the Syrian Free Army.

In their minds, the Syrian dictatorship, never stingy with dirty tricks, sought to disguise the liquidation of four members, suspected of trying to rally opposition. “Among the dead, Assef Shawkat [Deputy Defense Minister and relative of Bashar al-Assad] and General Hassan Tourkmani [head of the Crisis Centre] whose names circulated to participate in the after-Assad”, assures Ayman Abdel Nour, head of the news website All4Syria.

The regime has preferred to take the risk that their disappearance demoralized the army rather than being stabbed in the back.
To support the thesis of manipulation, proponents of the latter noting that the spokesman of the SLA [Syria Liberation Army] have provided little information to support their claims.

We have no tangible proofs that the attack took place in broad daylight in a residential area,” said Haytham al-Manna, head of the Coordinating Committee puor Democratic Change, installed in Paris.

The Syrian television gave no picture as usual, when it rushes to the scene of attacks. One is forced to wonder.”

According to him, the loss of four senior suits the regime, seems to be “hard core, driven by a spirit, ideal for carrying a long-term military conflict, as the Algerian civil war “.
An analyst based in Damascus remains skeptical of this thesis. “These people were not dangerous for the regime, they had more power.” He added: “It is true that none of the heads of security services was at the meeting. And that’s troubling.”

So, wondering what’s real it’s however answerless, but it’s not so foolish after gorgeous lies as the chemical weapons of Iraq and so on.

We know of course that looking at the TV with doubting eyes is not so easy, but it’s like training: once you do, you can just improve yourself.


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